By Kota Kamemura

How to keep motivated to write your thesis and interested in your topic.

Naturally, you might be less motivated with your thesis after a long break. But you have to get yourself motivated and start writing again. How can you do that? 

Here are some tips to get yourself motivated and to make a great start again:

  • Rereading your writing.
  • Reading articles or watching videos related to your topic.
  • Reading feedback from others (classmates, friends, family, teachers)
  • Thinking what you want to do next and planning it.

Keeping motivated is important, but keeping writing in your mind is also essential. You have to remember it and keep making progress gradually every day, every week… 

What if you want to change your topic?

Perhaps, you are tired of your topic. You can change it, but you have to think if it is the right decision for you now.  The countdown until you have to submit your thesis has started! Do you know how many months, weeks or even days there are until the deadline?!

Here are some things that you have to consider: 

  • If you change the topic, can you finish it by the deadline?
  • Is it worth changing the topic now?
  • Do you really want to change the topic? 
  • Are there any other interesting topics for you that you could start straightaway?

Also, you should think about whether the real reason that you want to change your topic is just that you are not very motivated to write your thesis. Or, perhaps the desire to change your topic could just be temporary. After considering everything, you should think about if it’s a good idea to change your topic now.

If you still want to change your topic, these might be good ideas for you:

  • Something related to your previous topic – easy to write because you might have some resources/ information already. 
  • Something you are really interested in now – you can easily feel eager to learn it and to start writing.

Changing a topic at this time is not easy, so you have to carefully think about it. And if you still want to change it, you have to choose another topic carefully but speedily.

What should you do to complete your thesis smoothly?

Writing your thesis is a big project and maybe a huge pressure for you. But what if you change how to work on it? Your way to work on it might be more effective and efficient just by changing it. 

Here are 2 kinds of examples of what can make it easier:

What you can do by yourself –

  • Writing little by little every single day.
  • Setting deadlines for every chapter to keep making progress.

What you can do with other people –

  • Feel free to ask your teachers for help or advice.
  • Keeping in touch with your friends to exchange information and help one another.

You write your own thesis by yourself. But your friends are also writing their thesis – you are in the same boat together. Also, teachers have experience of writing their thesis. Why don’t you ask them for help and advice? They can notice what you cannot. They all have different views and opinions. You should utilise them.

What you have to do now is understand where you are. And if you think you are in the right place, you can keep moving. But if you don’t, changing your topic might be a good idea for you. But once you change a topic, you have to consider some things. Also, to write your thesis easily, you have to keep yourself motivated. And if you need, you can feel free to get help from other people around you. Keeping trying and remember that you are not alone!